Muslim Women in tech - Stories

Marwa Jawad

Marwa Jawad – Get Ready For Opportunities Before They Come To You

Zahraa Al Sahili

Zahraa Al Sahili – Never Let Anything Stop You From Achieving Your Goals.

Shaheen Sultana

Shaheen Sultana – The More You Do Wrong, The More You Learn.

Alifya Kagalwalla

Alifya Kagalwalla – The Benefits Of Working Must Outweigh The Risks

Nasrien Youness

Nasrien Youness – People Are Willing To Help You. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Fatimah Akanbi

Fatimah Akanbi – Your Life Is Worth Your Best. Commit To A Plan And Never Give Up

Insha Tazeen

Insha Tazeen – The More I’m Challenged, The More I Feel Motivated

Aaliya Khan

Aaliya Khan – It’s Ok To Be A Generalist And Not Limit Yourself To One Path

Reham Fawad

Reham Fawad – Be Your True Self When You Show Up To The World

Sanaa Siddiqui

Sanaa Siddiqui – Creative Roles Are Part Of Tech Too

Grace Witter

To celebrate, we changed the format of the episode a little bit. Grace Witter, Tech Sisters’ founder and regular podcast host is on the other side of the table this time.

Yasmin Desai

For our first episode of season 2, we are so excited to have Yasmin Desai. AKA The Startup Girl.